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Welcome to Lucas Kennedy, a pioneering Workday® Recruitment Agency with a legacy dating back to our establishment in 2008. With a global reach that spans continents, we pride ourselves on connecting clients and candidates worldwide, matching exceptional talent with unparalleled opportunities.

Join Our Team as an Internal Talent Acquisition Manager at Lucas Kennedy!


As an Internal Talent Acquisition Manager at Lucas Kennedy, you will play a crucial role in not only growing our teams but also proactively identifying, targeting, and headhunting potential employees. Your role will involve:

  • Targeted Talent Acquisition: Identify strategic talent needs and proactively target and engage potential candidates in the industry. Develop and implement targeted recruitment campaigns to attract top-tier professionals.

  • Headhunting and Executive Search: Conduct executive-level headhunting to identify and approach high-calibre candidates for key leadership roles. Collaborate with leadership to define executive search criteria and execute tailored recruitment strategies. 

  • Building a Talent Pipeline: Strategically build and maintain a robust talent pipeline for current and future internal vacancies. Continuously nurture relationships with potential candidates to ensure a proactive and engaged talent pool.

  • Networking and Industry Events: Attend industry events, conferences, and networking functions to establish relationships with potential candidates. Act as a brand ambassador for Lucas Kennedy, promoting our organization as an employer of choice.

  • Utilize Advanced Search Techniques: Employ advanced sourcing techniques, including Boolean searches, social media recruiting, and other innovative methods to identify and connect with passive candidates. Stay updated on the latest tools and technologies in talent acquisition for effective sourcing.

  • Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): Implement and maintain a candidate relationship management system to track and manage interactions with potential candidates. Leverage CRM data to personalize communication and tailor recruitment strategies.

  • Market Mapping: Conduct market mapping exercises to analyze talent landscapes, competitor structures, and compensation trends. Use insights from market mapping to inform recruitment strategies and talent acquisition plans.

  • Strategic Talent Pools: Establish and categorize strategic talent pools based on skill sets, experience, and potential organizational fit. Work collaboratively with hiring managers to ensure a dynamic and responsive talent pool.

  • Success Metrics for Pipeline Development: Define and measure success metrics for talent pipeline development. Regularly assess the effectiveness of pipeline strategies and adjust approaches accordingly.

  • Collaboration with Hiring Managers: Collaborate closely with hiring managers to understand evolving talent needs and align pipeline development accordingly. Provide insights on market trends and talent availability to inform recruitment strategies.

What We Offer:

  • Attractive Quarterly Productivity Bonus: Earn an attractive, quarterly, new hire and productivity bonus, recognizing and rewarding your contributions.

  • Competitive Base Salary: Enjoy a competitive base salary, reflecting your experience and expertise.

  • Brand Ambassador: Be the ambassador for Lucas Kennedy, representing us at recruitment fairs and events, fostering a positive brand image.

  • Company Expense Card: Receive a company expense card to facilitate seamless travel and representation at external events.

  • Face of Lucas Kennedy: As the face of Lucas Kennedy, you will be the forefront when it comes to our hiring, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Additional Benefits

  • Company Mobile Phone: Enjoy the convenience of a company mobile phone.

  • Company Car Scheme: Benefit from our company car scheme for eligible positions.

  • Private Medical Insurance: Ensure your health and well-being with comprehensive medical coverage.

  • Company Pension Scheme: Secure your future with our pension scheme.

  • 25 Days Holiday: Enjoy ample time off with our generous holiday allowance.

  • Buy Additional Holiday: Tailor your time off with the option to buy extra holiday days.

  • Work From Home Days: Hitting targets? Achieve a work-life balance with the flexibility of agreed remote working days.

  • Wellness programme – free counselling sessions, group talks, classes and gym membership

  • Monthly Socials: Enjoy regular social events to unwind and connect with your colleagues outside the office environment.

  • Clothes Vouchers: Receive clothing vouchers as part of our commitment to your comfort and personal style.

  • Milestone Rewards: Celebrate your achievements with milestone rewards, recognizing your dedication and contributions.

  • Recognition Rewards: Be acknowledged for your outstanding work through our recognition rewards program.

  • Skills Exchange Classes: Participate in skills exchange classes to enhance your abilities and broaden your professional horizons.

  • Charity Work and Events (Action for Children): Contribute to charitable projects and events to raise funds.

Your Future with Lucas Kennedy

At Lucas Kennedy, we believe in cultivating talent and maintaining a culture of continuous growth. Become a part of a company that values collaboration, embraces diversity, and offers abundant opportunities for career advancement.

If you're an experienced Internal Talent Acquisition Manager ready to embark on an exciting journey with Lucas Kennedy, explore our current job openings and submit your application. Join us in redefining the future of Workday recruitment on a global scale.

Be a part of our expanding team and contribute to the continued success of Lucas Kennedy.

Opportunities for Growth

Established Excellence

Since 2008, Lucas Kennedy has been a synonym for excellence in Workday® recruitment.

Global Presence:

Our services transcend borders, impacting clients and candidates on a global scale.

Recognized as a Workday® authority, we contribute significantly to the industry's evolution.

Official Workday® Staffing Partner

Why Choose Lucas Kennedy?

What Sets Our Workplace Apart?

Official Workday® Staffing Partner:

Recognized as a Workday® authority, contributing significantly to the industry's evolution.

Established Excellence:

Since 2008, Lucas Kennedy has been synonymous with excellence in Workday® recruitment.





Cutting Edge Facilities:

Work in our two-floor, 3500 sq ft office space equipped with entertainment amenities, fostering collaboration.


Dynamic Work Environment:

Engage with a lively atmosphere featuring presentation areas, private meeting spaces, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Growth Opportunities:

Be part of our expanding team and contribute to the continued success of Lucas Kennedy.

Work Hard, Play Hard:

Embrace our work hard, play hard mentality, where your dedication is rewarded with camaraderie, career progression, and a host of incentives.



Incentives Galore:

Be part of our expanding team and contribute to the continued success of Lucas Kennedy.


Friday Early Finishes and Team Drinks:

Celebrate the end of the week with Friday early finishes and team drinks in the office,.

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