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Unlock Your Workday® Potential

Becoming Workday® certified opens up a realm of opportunities and showcases your expertise within the Workday® ecosystem. Lucas Kennedy, as an Official Workday® Staffing Partner, is uniquely positioned to guide you through the certification process, enhancing your career trajectory.

Why Get Workday® Certified?

Workday® certification is not just a credential; it's a testament to your skills and dedication in the Workday® ecosystem. Certified professionals are in high demand for their proven expertise and ability to navigate Workday®s comprehensive suite of applications. Certification can lead to better job prospects and more opportunities for advancement. Lucas Kennedy recognizes the value of certification in empowering individuals and enhancing their careers.

Your Pathway to Certification

Lucas Kennedy is an Official Workday® Staffing Partner, we offer unique avenues for freelancers seeking certification. Our program includes the full range of partner Certifications or Pro Accreditations, personalized guidance on the certification process, training and support throughout your certification journey.

Empowerment Through Partnership

As an Official Workday® Staffing Partner, Lucas Kennedy provides unmatched support for your certification journey. Whether obtaining your first certification or expanding credentials, we offer guidance, access to all Certifications or Pro Accreditations, and real-world skill application. Beyond certification, we strive to connect certified professionals with top Workday® roles, advancing your career.


Join us on an exceptional journey toward success!

Together, we can achieve remarkable results that elevate your goals and aspirations!

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