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At Lucas Kennedy Recruitment, we believe every child deserves a safe, happy, and healthy childhood. But 4.2 million children in the UK are now living in poverty. And the financial pressures on families are overwhelming. And shockingly, every 15 minutes, a child or young person in the UK enters the care system for their own safety.

We’re proud to be partnering with Action for Children

Safe & Happy Childhoods

For over 150 years, Action for Children has been working hard to make sure more children in the UK have a safe and happy childhood and the foundations they need to thrive. With 447 services in all four nations of the UK, Action for Children witness the reality of the deepening cost-of-living crisis every single day.


Families are struggling to afford the essentials - food to eat, clothes to wear, beds to sleep in, and toys to play with. But together, we can help change this. That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with Action for Children, supporting the vital work they do to help change the lives of vulnerable children and their families across the UK.

Intervention. Anyone can get trapped in poverty, abuse or violence.

When Action for Children spots problems with children, young people and families, they take action early. 

Prevention. They give young people 

the support they need to grow up

safe and happy. Projects like The Blues Programme teach important life skills and help to build resilience.

Advocacy. Children don’t have a say in many things that affect their lives. Action for Children listen to what they want. They take their concerns to the government. And they campaign for better support and resources.

They take action in three ways:

Join us on an exceptional journey toward success!

Together, we can achieve remarkable results that elevate your goals and aspirations!

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