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Hiring the right Workday®-skilled resources can be an exceptionally challenging endeavour, driven by the constant evolution and growth of the Workday®'s ecosytem. For over a decade, we have successfully assisted clients of all sizes, locations, and industries in meeting their Workday® staffing requirements. Join forces with our dedicated team to unlock the full potential of your organization’s Workday® journey.

Strategic Workday® Solutions for Our Clients

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years experience

Empower Your Workday® Projects

In today's fast-moving world, getting your team to grow or kick-start new projects with Workday®, requires a staffing partner who gets what you're all about. That's where Lucas Kennedy comes in, we are always ready and committed to assisting in your success. 


Marked by a commitment to quality, integrity, and speed, dedicated to surpassing targets and providing comprehensive solutions for your workforce requirements.

Contract, Permanent, and FTC:

Lucas Kennedy serves clients worldwide, providing essential support for their workforce needs.


Bespoke and tailored for each client, ensuring smooth and efficient operations based on individual needs.


UK, EMEA, and North America, catering to diverse geographical locations and offering services regardless of business whereabouts.

HCM, Financials, Payroll or Adaptive Planning resources:

We are ready to collaborate with your business, acting as an extension of your internal recruitment function to ensure seamless integration and comprehensive support.


Centred on cultivating strong relationships, playing a pivotal role in steering the success of your Workday journey.

Workday Staffing Partner:

Addressing the staffing challenges faced by Workday partners in the ecosystem, we can supply certified, Workday contractors to help enhance program delivery and expand client engagement.


Lucas Kennedy aims to deliver CVs within 24 hours for most requirements, showcasing a commitment to prompt and efficient service delivery.

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Lucas Kennedy

Considering Workday? 

As an official Workday Referral Partner, we

are your gateway to expert advice and

connections. Unlock the power of Workday

with our free consultation services. Reach out

to us today, and let's elevate your workforce

management together.

Tailored Engagement Models for Every Need

Recognizing the uniqueness of each Workday® project and understanding our clients' existing internal procurement and recruitment processes, Lucas Kennedy offers diverse engagement models for flexibility, efficiency, and top-tier service tailored to your specific needs. Click on our engagement models to explore how we can partner with your organization and help you meet your staffing needs.

We are your dedicated ally, committed to your success. Our solutions provide staffing for time-bound initiatives, aligning precisely with your organization’s strategic goals. Whether you need a single resource or a full project team, Lucas Kennedy delivers the right talent, ensuring success in your Workday® projects. With a commitment to personalized excellence, we elevate your workforce management for unparalleled results.

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Tailored Engagement For Unmatched Results

At Lucas Kennedy, we understand that one size does not fit all in recruitment. This is why we offer diverse and flexible engagement models, catering specifically to your unique needs and industry requirements. From being your preferred supplier to providing exclusive, unbeatable rates and services, our approach is designed to deliver unparalleled value. 

We specialize in creating bespoke engagement solutions, including tailored Statements of Work, ensuring a partnership that's as unique as your Workday® journey. Our commitment is beyond transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships and ensuring the success of your program with competitive, cost-efficient solutions. Discover the difference with our specialized ‘Client Engagement Models’ - contact us to learn more!

Join us on an exceptional journey toward success!

Together, we can achieve remarkable results that elevate your goals and aspirations!

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